Kemi-Intressen specializes in the supply of products from leading manufacturers to the electronics industry in the Nordic Region and Baltic States.

Within the PCB industry the demands for precision cleaning are becoming increasingly high. For such high demands with fast cleaning cycles (under 10 minutes), we offer HFE´s (Novec) from 3M. HFE´s (Novec) are solvents which are highly stable, low in toxicity and non-flammable. HFE’s (Novec) also have a very favourable environmental profile, as they do not destroy the ozone layer, have a short atmospheric lifetime and a low global warming potential.

Very often, a printed circuit board requires an extra protection against humidity, dust, corrosive gases, solvents etc. We offer electronic coatings from 3M with unique properties i.e. drying within a few seconds, without the need for covering/protecting sensitive parts of the PCB´s during the coating process. The product is also very thin providing maximum penetration and coverage and has a very good compatibility and adherence to most substrates. 

Kemi-Intressen can also offer 3M products for thermal management applications, electronic isolation and leak testing.