Life Sciences

Supporting everyday health and well-being is the focus of our activity.

It is widely known that true beauty comes from within. But at Kemi-Intressen we help take beauty to the next level, providing the cosmetics industry with the kind of technically-advanced raw materials that give hair even more gloss, eyes more sparkle and make the application of creams much easier. In our laboratory, we develop individual formulations and new products that are in line with the latest trends - for example, based on natural raw materials.

For questions that concern the household industry, we can offer a "clean" solution by supplying up-to-date, technically sophisticated ingredients for detergents and disinfectants used in the private, industrial and commercial sectors.

Health is our most valuable asset, and we support its efficacy and preservation by providing high-quality raw materials for the manufacture of efficient and well-tolerable pharmaceuticals. The best-suited excipients and active ingredients allow the formulation of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, coated pills, powders and ointments.

Food is not merely a question of taste; texture, stability, function and additional health benefits have also come to play increasingly important roles in our food choices. Our extensive range for this industry will whet your appetite for new products.