With 70 years of tradition and pioneering spirit

Kemi-Intressen, founded in 1944, is one of the oldest and most experienced distributors in the Nordic countries.

As of 1 August, 2005, we have been part of a new family: Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH (NRC) of Hamburg, Germany. Our previous owner, EKA Chemicals AB of the Dutch Akzo Nobel Group, decided to sell Kemi-Intressen to NRC in the interest of concentrating on its core business and as part of the resulting reorientation process. Below is a reflection written by Peter Hammargren who was active in the company between 1944 and 1988.

Kemi-Intressen AB, 1943 - 1988

By Peter Hammargren

In 1943, my father Carl-Herman Hammargren was contacted by the two well-known companies Stora Kopparberg and Stockholms Superfosfat Fabriks AB, asking him whether he could consider establishing a company, which - despite the ongoing war - could supply their enterprises with the raw materials necessary for their production work.

Kemi-Intressen AB was then registered in 1944 with my father as Managing Director and me as the only employee. To begin with, I spent most of my time at the trade and industry commissions as well as at the currency office in order to obtain all the necessary import licenses for the business. The most difficult task was to find suppliers of the materials we needed, as many factories and raw material sources (at least in Europe) had been destroyed as a result of war. Travelling abroad was almost impossible, so most of the necessary contacts had to be made by mail or telephone. Our first key suppliers were obtained in the US, Australia, England and Germany.

After 25 years, our staff numbers had increased to nearly 200 and were continuing to grow due to our expansion into pharmaceuticals.

In 1970, Kemi-Intressen AB had the following four departments:

1. Chemicals - Industrial Raw Materials

2. Pharmaceuticals - Medical Articles

3. Feed Additives - Agricultural Chemicals

4. Equipment for Agriculture

My father died in 1954 and the Board appointed me as Managing Director, a position I held until 1988 when I reached 65 years of age. At that time Kemi-Intressen AB had become a part of Nobel Industrier AB, which later was taken over by Akzo, Holland. As a result, several of Kemi-Intressens's departments were sold to different interested parties. I stayed on the Board of Kemi-Intressen AB until 1992. Today's Kemi-Intressen is the former Chemicals department.