Our committment to nature

Acting responsibly to protect the environment is a matter of course for all our employees.

As a global player in today’s business market, we know that our earth’s resources are available to us in limited supply. All the more reason to ensure we put these resources to use with both care and efficiency. Today as we expand NRC’s product range, our team is on the lookout for natural and renewable raw materials that fulfill the criteria for environmental sustainability.

Energy management ISO 50001: The debate on climate change and growing awareness of energy issues has made reducing energy consumption a top priority in the design of future supply structures. Rising energy costs - propelled by the increasing scarcity of resources - make energy efficiency a fundamental factor to economic success. The EU's energy policy and energy efficiency directive also takes these circumstances into account.

The NRC Group has committed itself to uphold the legal requirements provided by ISO 50001 and set its own additional targets for improving environmental performance and energy efficiency. This includes e.g. the economical use of resources such as power and water, as well as the use of electricity from renewable energy sources.